General Pump 18" Surface Cleaner

The General Pump spinner is a Pump Pro Flat Surface Cleaner with a Sealed Bearing. It has an operating gpm of 8.0 and a psi of 4,000. Professional flat surface cleaner has a full 18 in. cleaning path. The gun has a revolutionary compensating design to reduce fatigue. The cleaner glides easily across the surface uniformly cleaning pool decks, sidewalks, garage floors and more. 18” cover made from heavy-duty ABS material. Metal surfaces made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum.

  • Rated psi: 4,000
  • Deck: 18"
  • Inlet: 3/8" NPT-F
  • Max Temp: 180°F
  • Shipping Weight: 19.0 lbs

General Pump 18" Surface Cleaner
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Price $484.95